Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Day, 2012.
Last year this time, I had promised myself a la Scarlett O' Hara that I wouldn't be depressed anymore. Despite some blues over the months (persistent sickness, perennial gadget failure, unable to keep up with scholarship), with determination and grit I managed to tide off the worst of depression. And then I finished University, travelled to Europe alone with my best friend, and rediscovered a vigour in life which passively contests against all the pessimism that predominates it.

 I have never made resolutions, never really thought about them. The one I did last year (if it can be called as such), I managed to stick to it. This time I'm making a promise to myself. 2012 will be vintage - not wine, but premium scotch, kept in a casket to ferment for over a century. :)
Oh thou beautiful, beautiful world of the printed word, here I plunge into you in 2012.

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