Sunday, January 2, 2011

The First Gait

It is strange to open a new blog when one already has an existing one is tow, especially since I vehemently refuse to believe that I have been suffering from a writer's block (even though my last post was written over eight months ago). So when there is a change, there must be a good reason for it; since I thoroughly dislike changes, be it a particular arrangement of flowers on my bed-side vase, or a different proportion of milk-and-sugar-to-my-perfect-coffee (I could have been Renée French without knowing it), or even to the random changing of blog addresses.

It might as well have been part of my now-already-extinguished-enthusiasm for my New Year resolutions to make things different. The electrocution days are over, and I needed to change my immediate surroundings to manifest the belief within, that though the "stasis in darkness" is right around the corner, it will take some effort to settle on me this time. 

Esther has decided to look beyond the pains of being electrocuted. Blogging anew, was one of the primary steps she took.

Yet, lest she gives in to her almost-pathological tendency to let things be and return into her shell, she pastes her previous address here as a reminder to the spaces she lingered in and emerged (if not triumphant), but at least, alive. 


  1. a good beginning to a good year surely :) njoy the change and share the joy! :)